Awards - Long Service

In recognition of the many members of clubs and counties who have given long service to the sport, the SEAA have instigated a Long Service Award. This takes the form of a lapel badge together with a certificate awarded to those who have given meritorious service to their club, county or the SEAA over a period of 40, 30 or 20 years. The badge is cast in gilt, silver or bronze and presentation will take place at an appropriate club or county function.

Nominations should be made in the form of a CV giving the athletics history of the nominee, including dates and the nature of the service to athletics over a period of 40, 30 or 20 years within the framework of a club or county or the SEAA or a combination of the three. Time solely as a competing athlete is not eligible. The nomination should be signed by at least two officials of the club or county. For the 2000 awards a nominee would be eligible only for one level of award but thereafter a Bronze or Silver award holder will be eligible for the next higher category when that milestone is reached.

Click Here to download the application form and Click Here to read the guide on completing it.

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