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Results - Cross Country


    Cross Country Event




    Cross Country Main Championships 30th January 2016 Parliament Hill

    Senior Men

    Senior Women

    Under 20 Men

    Under 20 Women

    Under 17 Men

    Under 17 Women

    Under 15 Boys

    Under 15 Girls

    Under 13 Boys

    Under 13 Girls

    Cross Country Masters & Inter County Results 12th December 2015 Shuttleworth Park, Biggleswade

    Provisional Masters Results

    Provisional Inter County Results

     Cross Country London Championships 14th November 2015   Parliament Hill

    Men's Team Results

    Men's Indv Results

    Women's Team Results

    Women's Indv Results 

     Cross Country Relays  17th October 2015  Wormwood Scrubs


    Main Cross Country Championships 24th January 2015 Stanmer Park, Brighton

    Under 13 Boys

    Under 13 Boys Teams

    Under 13 Girls

    Under 13 Girls Teams

    Under 15 Boys

    Under 15 Boys Teams

    Under 15 Girls

    Under 15 Girls Teams

    Under 17 Men

    Under 17 Men Teams

    Under 17 Women

    Under 17 Women Teams

    Under 20 Men

    Under 20 Men Teams

    Under 20 Women 

    Under 20 Women Teams

    Senior Men

    Senior Men Teams

    Senior Women

    Senior Women Teams

    Masters & Inter Counties Championships 13th December 2014 Horspath Sports Ground, Oxford

    Inter County Results

    Masters Results

    Cross Country London Champs 15th November 2014 Parliament Hill

    Senior Women

    Senior Women Teams

    Provisional Senior Men

    Provisional Senior Men Teams

    Cross Country Relays 18th October 2014 Wormwood Scrubs


    Main XC Champs 25th Jan 2014 Parliament Hill

    U13 Boys

    U13 Girls

    U15 Boys

    U15 Girls

    U17 Men

    U17 Women

    U20 Men

    U20 Women

    Senior Men

    Senior Women

    Team Results

    Masters & Inter Counties 14th December 2013 Biggleswade

    Masters Results

     Inter County Results

    London Champs 16th November 2013 Parliament Hill Fields

    Senior Men    Senior Women

    Men's Team   Women's Team

    Cross Country Relays 5th October 2013 Wormwood Scrubs  Results
    Main XC Champs 6th February 2013 Parliament Hill Fields alt XC2013Results.pdf

    Main XC Champs


    28th January 2012 Stanmer Park, Brighton

    alt Indiv results.zip

    alt All results.xls

    Read the report

     XC Relays 6th October 2012

    Linford Christie Stadium

    alt XC_Relay_Results_2012.xls
    London Champs 17th November 2012 Parliament Hill Fields

    alt Senior Men    alt Senior Women

    alt Men Team      alt Women Team

    The Masters and Intercounties Champs 8th December 2012 Claybury, Woodford, Essex

    alt Masters_XC_2012.pdf

    alt Inter_Counties_XC_2012.pdf

    SEAA Main Championships 29th January 2011 Parliament Hill Fields

    alt SeniorU20M.xls

    alt SeniorU20W.xls

    alt Under_17.xls

    alt Under_15.xls

    alt Under_13.xls
    SEAA Cross Country Relays 12th March 2011 Wormwood Scrubs alt XC Relays results.xls
    XC Relays

    1st October 2011 Shuttleworth Park, BIggleswade Results
    London Championships 19th November 2011 Parliament Hill Fields alt London XC results

    Master & Inter Counties Championships
    10th December 2011 Lloyd Park, Croydon

    alt IC results

    alt Masters results
     SEAA London Championships 20th November 2010 Parliament Hill Fields alt Indiv and Team_results_-_London_XC.xls

    SEAA Masters & Inter Counties Championships

    11th December 2010 Biggleswade

    alt Masters results 

    alt Inter Counties results


    SEAA Masters Championships

    14th March 2010 Trent Park, Cockfosters

    alt Men's Results

    alt Women's Results

    alt Team Results

    SEAA Main Championships

    30th January 2010 Parliament Hill

    alt Team Results

    alt Individual Results

    2009 London / SEAA Inter Counties Cross Country Championships 21st November 2009 Parliament Hill

    alt All Inter County Team Results

    alt All London Team Results

    alt All Indiv Results

    (updated Feb 2010)

    SEAA Masters Cross Country Championships 31st January 2009 Old Warden Park, Shuttleworth, Biggleswade

    Masters men over 40

    Masters men over 50

    Masters all over 70

    SEAA Cross Country Championships 24th January 2009 Hillingdon House Farm, Hillingdon, Middlesex

    SM Team 12 To Count

    SM SMTeam
    SW SWTeam
    U20M U20MTeam
    U15G U15GTeam
    U13G U13GTeam

    London Regional Championships and Saucony English Cross Country Series

    22nd November 2008 Parliament Hill Fields

    London Regional 2008

    London Cross Country Championships 2008

    22nd November 2008 Hampstead Heath LondonXC 2008
    SEAA Inter Counties and London Cross Country Championships 2007 8th December 2007 Parliament Hill Fields

    LondonXC 2007 (men)

    LondonXC 2007 (women)

    SEAA Masters Cross Country Championships (incorporating the Middlesex Championships) 3rd February 2007 Mad Bess Wood, Ruislip MastersXC 2007
    SEAA Cross Country Championships 2007

    27th January 2007

    Holkham Hall, Norfolk U13G U13B U15G U15B
    U17&JW U17M JM
    SW SM
    SEAA Inter Counties and London Cross Country Championships 2006 9th December 2006 Parliament Hill Fields U13G U13B U15G U15B
    U17W U17M U20W
    SW U20U23SM
    SEAA Veterans Cross Country Championships 4 February 2006 Mad Bess Wood, Ruislip M40Vets M50Vets WVets